If you were not there, could you easily follow all the news from Openworld 2014?
Yes, I could follow it closely from home
I heard some new things here and there
It is hard to follow the news from OOW when you are not there
I was there
Answer and see the results
DBA Top 10
1 M. Cadot 90400
2 B. Vroman 38700
3 T. Boles 37850
4 A. Kavsek 34200
5 P. Wisse 22100
6 J. PĂ©ran 16200
7 A. Hudspith 14850
8 A. Khan 14800
9 Y. Naguib 14500
10 F. Pachot 13900
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What was the biggest surprise on Oracle Openworld 2014? new
Larry Ellison Demonstrates New Cloud Capabilities
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From what I could dig from the net, the biggest surprise of this year ...