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How to increase MRP process on standby database for fast recovery.

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I want to upgrade database from Oracle 11gR2 to

i have single instance 1... (5 repl.)
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When i execute a query in prod,
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In a cursor a fill to variable with data.
Variable "ATTRIBUUT" contains just text and variable "COL... (1 repl.)
Changing position of string

Dear DBA's

I need to change the position of string using SQL statement, below is the example whi... (15 repl.)
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What is your experience with 12c so far?
We are currently using 11.2, discussions are going to upgrade to 12c
Our customers still have 11.2, which is very stable.
Used it with Multitenant, not much issues. Ones of the databases has s...
Upgraded multiple customer databases from 11.2 to 12c. No big issues s...
We are using 12c ( for our some application and did not encou...
Big issues with containers and trying to limit resource usage to one p...
Not worked anywhere that uses it yet.