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Welcome to DBA-Village

Welcome to DBA-Village


This is the new version of the once so popular DBA-Village website.

DBA-Village was one of the first communties on the internet where Oracle database topics were discussed. Did you know that is dates from the previous century? The first user registration was on 29 May 1999. At that time, there was only OHS (Oracle HTTP Server. Yes, version 1.0) and htp.p(). There was no "Oracle Communities" yet (they may have got the idea from DBA-Village?...) There was no Apex yet, there was no HTMLDB (aka project Marvel) yet. Only htp.print and related (and usenet of course :) ).

So the whole DBA-Village website was written by building html tables like
    ... etc
And buttons and textfields like
  htp.p('<input type="text" ...
Until 2023 this code has remained like this and DBA-Village has always run like this (and the pl/sql code of Oracle 8i in 1999 has always remained compatible with oracle database up to Oracle 19c in 2023).

However times are changing. A lot of other forums and communities were create on the internet. Oracle Support made its move to the internet, etc... Due to lack of time, there was no ambition to keep DBA-Village the top forum on the internet. But it has always remained online and up till now (Aug 2023), there is still some little activity going on.

Our technical environment forces us now to move to ORDS instead of mod_plsql. It would be a lot of work to migrate the authentication mechanism to this new environment. For this reason I have decided to stop development on DBA-Village. However as it is still a large and valuable knowledge base, I decided to keep the most important data online in read only mode. I built a simple Apex application to keep the data available. You can find the forum threads, the tips and scripts via the links in the menu on the left side.

In this way, DBA-Village remains alive and is still one of the oldest Oracle knowledge bases on the internet, if not the oldest.

Please enjoy!
Geert De Paep