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DBA Top 10
1 M. Cadot 6300
2 B. Vroman 2700
3 P. Tsongayinwe 1500
4 P. Wisse 1300
4 J. PĂ©ran 1300
6 A. Kavsek 900
7 D. Walgude 400
7 J. Schnackenberg 400
9 J. Alcroft 200
10 A. Hudspith 100
10 L. Ywema 100
10 D. Johnson 100
10 B. B 100
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Date Change
23-Dec-05 Added mod_gzip to Apache. Should give much better web page response times.
15-Dec-05 Reading forum threads does no longer require to login to the site. However replying, rating an answer, follow up by email, etc still requires to login.
15-Dec-05 Changelog added.