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DBA Top 10
1 A. Kavsek 10600
2 M. Cadot 8900
3 B. Vroman 5600
4 P. Wisse 4800
5 J. PĂ©ran 2000
6 . Lauri 1000
7 D. Johnson 300
8 J. Van Der Steen 200
8 G. Muijrers 200
8 R. Chandran 200
8 G. Am77 200
8 B. Bartben 200
8 N. Abdul Rahman 200
8 J. Akhtar 200
8 F. Dumaguin 200
8 R. Rakotozafy 200
8 D. Ramakrishna 200
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RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, an XML format for syndicating Web content. It is used by websites to publish regularly changing content. In order to use RSS, you need to install an RSS-aware program.

DBA-Village currently has one feed, the DBA-Village forum. By using RSS you will be able to easily follow up new forum threads and answers.

A very popular and light-weight reader is Feedreader (, but there are many others available as well. (Note from the webmaster: I had problems with version 2.90, but version 2.80 RC2 works well).
After installing your news reader, add a new feed by pasting the url .

Good luck!