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Link:12c Interactive quick reference

Bruno Vroman, Dec 30

Philip Wisse, Aug 14
Tip:Fixed size and variable Size in SGA

vijay kaushik, Feb 25
Link:Oracle Database Tutorials

karl vi, Aug 01
Link:JDBC Driver Connection URL

mark King, Aug 01
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OS:Windows 2012 R2 64 BIT
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What is your experience with pluggable databases so far?
Use it for testing purpose.
I have some experience with pluggable databases. Until now for databa...
With a licence for only one PDB out of the box it's not the most widel...
Actively using it for testing applications, database on the fly in min...
Already using it....but not extensively yet...
Already using. One or two gotcha's but generally ok.
R&D at the moment, with the intention of utilizing the CDB architectur...