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Procedure Partition exchange
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Hi all, Maybe someone has already a procedure t...... John Baet Jan 08, 2018, 14:40

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Subject: Procedure Partition exchange
Author: John Baet, Netherlands
Date: Jan 08, 2018, 14:40, 164 days ago
Os info: Linux
Oracle info:
Message: Hi all,

Maybe someone has already a procedure that does the following steps and he/she is so friendly to share it with me or tell me how to create a procedure?

What I need is:

I have two schemas, RO and ARC schema
The oldest partition in RO schema is max. 2x years old. older partitions will be moved to ARC schema.

I have a driver table (with plus 2000 tables, all interval partitions) each table has own RETENTION_DURATION (yes last question in Forum).

I know how to do this manually, steps are:

1- find partition names, from driver table. (query thanks to Michel)
2- create a non-partition table:
create table ro.EXCH_<table_name> as select * from <table_name> where 1=0;

alter table ro.<table_name> exchange partition <partition_name> with table EXCH_<table_name> without validation;

insert into arc.<table_name>  select * from ro.exch_<table_name>  where rownum=1;


(step 3 and 4, to create an empty partition on ARC schema. this command "exchange partition for" is not really works)
5- to get newest partition on ARC schema, using below script:
select table_owner, table_name, max(partition_name) keep (dense_rank last order by partition_position) 

from dba_tab_partitions
where table_owner='ARC'
and table_name='<TABLE_NAME>'
group by table_owner, table_name
order by 1,2;

alter table arc.<table_name> exchange partition <partition_name> with table ro.exch_<table_name> without validation;

ALTER TABLE ro.<table_name> DROP PARTITION <partition_name>;

Hopefully I am not asking too much:)


Regards, J
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