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profile.XML with mdns daemeon
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Dear RAC Experts, I have couple of Questions, t...... Jill Salalila Jul 25, 2018, 19:31

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Subject: profile.XML with mdns daemeon
Author: Jill Salalila, Philippines
Date: Jul 25, 2018, 19:31, 174 days ago
Os info: Oracle Linux 6.7
Oracle info:
Message: Dear RAC Experts,

I have couple of Questions, trying to find answers but i could NOT till now ..

>> When we use GNS for RAC configuration

1) How VIPs and SCAN IPs are resolved by GNS ?

2) Does GNS maintain NODE IPs & SCAN IPs somewhere ?

3) Suppose entire cluster is rebooted, How GNS sets same VIPs and SCAN IPs for all the nodes ?

4) Why profile.XML file is maintained by mDNS daemon too ?

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