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Transparent instance failover?
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I have a 2-nodes RAC db, many apps/app servers are...... Alain Bourgeois Feb 08, 2019, 15:52

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Subject: Transparent instance failover?
Author: Alain Bourgeois, Belgium
Date: Feb 08, 2019, 15:52, 128 days ago
Os info: oracle enterprise linux 6
Oracle info: EE RAC
Message: I have a 2-nodes RAC db, many apps/app servers are connected, many connection types (jdbc, tns, oci, ...). Apps are not aware of TAF. But all apps specify either the scan-name, either all vip's of both servers.

Suppose I type as oracle on node 1:
srvctl disable instance -d dbase -i dbase1

It will disable instance dbase1... But what does it mean about all transactions running on dbase1?

Will they crash?
Will it wait the running transactions to end before disabling the instance?
Will the running transactions continue on another instance?
Is there a way to turn off one node transparently for applications?


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