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Licensing questions
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Hi Been waiting for over 2 months for Oracle to g...... James Alcroft Aug 21, 2023, 11:09

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Subject: Licensing questions
Author: James Alcroft, United Kingdom
Date: Aug 21, 2023, 11:09, 35 days ago
Os info: Windows 2019
Oracle info: 19
Message: Hi
Been waiting for over 2 months for Oracle to get back to me, so posting here to see if anyone knows that answer.

We host database for our customers, three isolated environments (DEV / QA / PROD). These are hosted at Azure - which I understand licensing is different there.

DEV is exactly as it says, used for both our development team and the customer develops to work on. My question is - do we require Oracle license for this environment? If not, do we need one for QA since this isn't production environment either.

Validation process is things are done on DEV, moved to QA and then on to PROD.

We are starting to do this for another customer on OVH data center, so guessing different licensing rules may apply here.

If there is anyone for Oracle here, can you get some from your licensing team to answer.

Many thanks.

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