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Comment details
Date 01-DEC-05
Type Suggestion
User Adam Hudspith
Message Geert,

Excellent product – congratulations on such a well thought out and executed package.

I wrote a HC system earlier this year – no where near as sophisticated as yours – with some overlap, but also some other useful things that can be monitored.

I will send you the code for any of the parts that you may want to incorporate, but you may as well write it yourself as none of mine is particularly sophisticated and creates temporary tables, etc.

Here are the monitored sections of my HC system.

Date of HC
Date of Last HC.

Monitored schemas.

prompt 1.0 Tablespace_name violations

prompt 1.1 Datafile names standard violations

prompt 1.2 Table / Index tablespace datafile clashes

prompt 1.3 Misplaced segments [Tables in IND t/s, Indexes in TAB t/s, etc]

prompt 1.4 Tables/Indexes within the same tablespace [production users only].

prompt 1.5 Largest NEXT extent inadequate [production users only].

prompt 1.6 DBA role (grantees) monitoring.

prompt 1.7 User's TEMP t/s not properly defined.

prompt 1.8 PCTINCREASE 0 monitoring.

prompt 1.9 Sys objects not in SYSTEM.

prompt 1.10 Non-Standard extent sizes.

prompt 1.11 Mixed extent sizes within a tablespace.

prompt 1.12 Non-LM tablespaces.

prompt 1.13 AutoExtend set?

prompt 1.14 READONLY user monitoring.

prompt 1.15 READONLY password not READONLY.

prompt 1.16 Free Space at the end of a RO tablespace.

prompt 1.17 Underused tablespaces (< 50% … >500Mb)

prompt 1.18 SYSTEM_TRIG_ENABLED set ?

prompt 1.19 Control files multiplexed on seperate filesystems ?

prompt 1.20 Standard # of rollback segments [4, 8, 16, 32] ?

prompt GENERIC database standards scripts.
prompt 2.0 Optimiser mode summary.

prompt 2.1 Stale Stats summary [production users only].

prompt 2.2 Summary of DBMS_STATS being collected [production users only]

prompt 2.3 Invalid objects [production users only, ommiting JAVA invalids].

prompt 2.4 Java installation summary.

prompt 2.5 Chained/Migrated rows summary [production users only].

prompt 2.6 Buffer cache Vs Shared pool ratio.

prompt 2.7 Log Buffer not being 1Mb

prompt 2.9 CPU Vs Parallel slaves ratio

prompt 2.10 Index fragmentation summary

prompt 2.11 RBS Optimal settings

prompt 2.12 Database startup via SPFILE or PFILE file?

prompt 2.13 Dump Dest non-standard

prompt 2.14 Use of Asynch_io

prompt 2.15 Control_file_record_keep_time

prompt 2.16 Archive log mode set

prompt 2.17 Mirrored or RAID'd disks used for datafiles?
prompt UNIX systems only.

prompt Database filesystem details below:

prompt 2.18 Use of a TEMPFILE for TEMP

Feel free to plagiarize at will …