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Date 30-JUN-09
Type Comment
User Ales Kavsek
Message Hi Geert,

when I first installed PLATO 51 yesterday I did a clean installation (new schema etc.), so with the build 1178 I still hit the same bug if I install plato from scratch in new schema. The one workaround that works for me is to run installation the second time, without dropping existing objects.

The crash dump is 11MB compressed zip file which I'll try to send to you tomorrow.

I run my test database as of EE (just the patchset, no other patches installed), on Windows 32-bit (Windows XP).

I always get ORA-3114 at the same point, while creating stats package body:

Prerequisites ok.

Creating utility package...
No errors.
Creating utility package body...
No errors.
Creating stats package...
No errors.
Creating stats package body...
ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE