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Oct 09, 2017 Comment Hey, is it possible to receive a working version of PLATO tool? ... Mikhail Veramchuk
Jul 28, 2017 Comment Hello, I need a new version of Plato The package is expired since feb 2017 ... AKNINE michel
Jun 08, 2017 Comment Hi team, I would like to know when is going to be available the new PLATO versio... andres gonzalez
Feb 08, 2017 Comment Hello The PLATO Package, version 55, build 1496 has expired on Feb 01, 2017 ... David HADDAD
Sep 01, 2016 Comment The latest version expired today. Any idea when a new version will be available... Anonymous
Mar 02, 2016 Comment A new version has been uploaded... Geert De Paep
Mar 02, 2016 Bug Hello The PLATO Package, version 55, build 1476 has expired on Mar 01, 2016 ... David HADDAD
Dec 29, 2015 Comment Regarding the bug mentioned by Rob Pattyn, will be fixed in the next build. I as... Geert De Paep
Dec 29, 2015 Bug Build: plato_55_11gR2.sql Command: spool overzicht.htm plato.complete('HTM... Rob Pattyn
Apr 07, 2015 Comment Oracle 12c working - you can use 11gR2 scripts, instead of 11.2 use 12.1 - repla... qwerty qwerty
Apr 07, 2015 Comment Do you have 12 c version ? ... qwerty qwerty
Jan 30, 2015 Comment Do you already have a 12c version?... Dave Geysemans
Nov 20, 2014 Comment Nobody has said that plato cracks passwords. It just verifies if a certain paswo... Geert De Paep
Nov 20, 2014 Comment Small question about the password weakness check? It is mentioned in the 'Overv... Anonymous
Oct 15, 2014 Suggestion Here is the script for a clean uninstall : set head off set term off set ec... Emmanuel Chanteloup
Apr 21, 2014 Comment I need plato_52_9iR2.sql. How do I do? Thanks My email: ... Carlos Calderón
Mar 27, 2014 Bug When the package says it is expired, please look at the download section on dba-... Geert De Paep
Mar 27, 2014 Bug # sqlplus 'plato/*********' @plato_54_10gR2.sql SQL*Plus: Release ... Anonymous
Dec 02, 2013 Comment Hello, I tried to download it but not able to download. Please share the link f... Rajeev Jha
Oct 11, 2013 Comment Thanks for the info on the 9i-versions. Problem is that now all the reports sho... Anonymous
Oct 04, 2013 Comment 9i version may come in the future but it is a lot of work for an old unsupported... Geert De Paep
Sep 27, 2013 Comment Any idea when there will be a new version for 9-database?... Anonymous
Aug 14, 2013 Comment A new version of plato will be available in a couple of weeks.... Geert De Paep
Aug 14, 2013 Comment I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Plato (version 53, build 1... Johan Lorier
Mar 08, 2013 Comment Plato should not require Diagnostic or Tuning pack or any other packs. However t... Geert De Paep
Mar 07, 2013 Comment Can this be used without licenses for additional db options? ... Jan Leers
Jul 30, 2012 Bug Hello, when i run it on 10.1 db i get an error message. when i run the plato_52... Bart Hendriks
Jun 08, 2012 Comment hello, just a question about PLATO : what happens after Août 2012 ? regards ... pascal habert
Aug 16, 2011 Comment it is very very good tool for the database Performance perpouse.... Raghavendra Nimmakayala
Nov 26, 2010 Comment Hi, I want to use Plato in production environment but i see packages are encr... Anonymous
Aug 04, 2010 Comment Plato 51 for 8i has an old package expiration on it. I know we shouldnt be us... Adam Hudspith
Jul 12, 2010 Comment The release candidate of version 52 is now available for 9.2, 10.2, 11.1 and 11.... Geert De Paep
Jul 12, 2010 Bug I have installed the 5.1 (1196) for 10g and the expiration date is on Aug 1 2010... David HADDAD
Jul 12, 2010 Comment succesfully installed and running PLATO_51_11g on 11G R2 edited line 10 from "V... Bart Hendriks
Jun 11, 2010 Bug I down loaded the version for V9 and when i run the script it tells me it's not ... Anonymous
Feb 18, 2010 Bug Plato does not know anything about index subpartitions and flags index partition... Anonymous
Sep 22, 2009 Comment The latest version (51) has aan 11g-specific download. This should work as well ... Geert De Paep
Sep 21, 2009 Comment Does this work with 11g and if so 11gR1 and/or 11gR2? Thx Ron Nixon... Ron Nixon
Jul 01, 2009 Comment Regarding your message: this module is only usable etc...: Did you install th... Geert De Paep
Jul 01, 2009 Comment I have this error (ORA-20999: This module is only usable in the PL ATO package) ... John Akasse
Jul 01, 2009 Comment Geert, I'm positive that I didn't have any plato objects in the test database... Ales Kavsek
Jul 01, 2009 Comment Ales, That is very strange. In my database on Win32 I have no problem ... Geert De Paep
Jun 30, 2009 Comment Hi Geert, when I first installed PLATO 51 yesterday I did a clean installatio... Ales Kavsek
Jun 30, 2009 Comment The issue with bug 7172752 should be solved now. The latest release of PLATO (bu... Geert De Paep
Jun 29, 2009 Comment I believe I hit a known bug on Bug 7172752 - OERI[qcsgpvc3] recompilin... Ales Kavsek
Jun 29, 2009 Bug I tried to install PLATO 51 on my laptop with (Windows XP). Installatio... Ales Kavsek
Jul 09, 2008 Comment I m Getting following error Please help What can i do?? Creating utility pack... Anonymous
Jun 23, 2008 Comment I installed the new version of plato (v50 - 8i), but there is an error at the en... Richard ANTHONI
Jun 06, 2008 Comment When I try to install PLATO I receive always the same error, I have try with dif... Roossens Dominique
Mar 25, 2008 Comment when i was downloanding the file, I got a window saying the file is corrupted. (... jose dba
Oct 18, 2007 Comment Regading the error: 224/5 PLS-00201: identifier 'HTP.PRN' must be declared 224... Geert De Paep
Oct 18, 2007 Comment when i execute the scrit the following error raised : 224/5 PLS-00201: ide... Anonymous
Aug 31, 2007 Comment Hi all, On a huge database I get this error during execution You could use ut... Alberto Zafferano
Jul 16, 2007 Bug during the execution I receive the ORA-0313 error SQL> SET serveroutput ON S... Arno Koeleman
Jun 19, 2007 Bug I am having oracle 9i. 1. I tried as normal user and got this message. ==... Ramesh PS
Apr 05, 2007 Comment Guy, Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take them into account. As soon as I have... Geert De Paep
Apr 05, 2007 Suggestion Geert, In addition to my previous suggestion ... I wonder whether it is possi... Guy Lambregts
Apr 03, 2007 Suggestion Hi Geert, I sometimes use plato.processdetails It is interesting since it l... Guy Lambregts
Mar 16, 2007 Comment Geert my apologies, I really had no time and saw only the DECLARE error.... Paolo Desalvo
Mar 13, 2007 Comment Version 49 for 10g2 does work! Paolo, you tell me via mail that you have the sam... Geert De Paep
Mar 13, 2007 Comment This may be interesting but version 49 for 10g2 does not work... Paolo Desalvo
Mar 01, 2007 Comment good tool... Vikas Gupta
Feb 27, 2007 Comment The yellow color is used on one hand for bars indicating how much percent is rep... Geert De Paep
Feb 27, 2007 Comment Hi, Can any one inform me when i get the HTM file, What does this Yellow colo... Anonymous
Jan 16, 2007 Bug SQL> @/app/oracle/plato.sql This script may be run as any user. It is recommen... Naser Bodair
Jan 09, 2007 Comment About installing plato, all instructions can be found on the download page. In f... Geert De Paep
Jan 09, 2007 Bug Hello, When I try to install plato_49_8i on Oracle 8.16 under sys user, I di... Richard ANTHONI
Jan 09, 2007 Suggestion I would like to know how PLATO can be installed or where can i get the deta... Vijay C.P.
Dec 25, 2006 Comment my database version is, I can not install verion 49... yalong tse
Dec 25, 2006 Comment when I install the version 49, @plato_49_10gR2.sql the sqlplus would close au... yalong tse
Dec 25, 2006 Comment I cannot install all the package of version 49, so I only install the verion 48;... yalong tse
Dec 18, 2006 Comment hello, when i try to install plato49-10g. under sys user i got the followi... rachid el hilali
Dec 14, 2006 Comment HI, I'm trying to use the version 49 in a Oracle 10G. I'm connecting like sys as... Francisco Munoz
Dec 14, 2006 Comment Please limit a number of listed triggers. I haev an enormously high number, so t... Zoran Hudec
Dec 13, 2006 Comment The wrapped code contains several & signs. You should make sure to do "set defin... Geert De Paep
Dec 13, 2006 Comment HI, I'm new with this aplication. When I'm trying to install it, the script ask ... Francisco Munoz
Dec 12, 2006 Comment Indeed. Every time you install plato in a new database, you will have to create ... Geert De Paep
Dec 12, 2006 Comment you have write : /*********************************/ The message should be cle... rachid el hilali
Dec 12, 2006 Comment The message should be clear. You need to create 2 views as user sys (because the... Geert3 De Paep3
Dec 12, 2006 Comment when i try to execute plato i got the following message: thak you for your help... rachid el hilali
Dec 11, 2006 Comment the version plato 49 will also expires at Jan 01 2007? Package expires: Jan... rachid el hilali
Dec 11, 2006 Comment when i try to execute the last version of plato plato_49_10gR2.sql under the use... rachid el hilali
Dec 04, 2006 Comment the last version 48 of plato will expires Jan 01, 2007 what will be the situ... rachid el hilali
Oct 21, 2006 Comment Is it possible for me to see the queries you are using to get this information... rachid el hilali
Oct 17, 2006 Comment I will release a new version before 1 jan 2007, you can be sure of that. I will ... Geert De Paep
Oct 17, 2006 Comment the last version 48 of plato will expires Jan 01, 2007 what will be the sit... rachid el hilali
Sep 25, 2006 Comment Is it possible for me to see the queries you are using to get this information? ... eric gross
Sep 18, 2006 Comment SQL> exec ==========================================================... Dirk Van Geyt
Sep 11, 2006 Comment is there a version that run with any version of oracle(8i,9i,10g). thank you ... rachid el hilali
Jul 31, 2006 Comment Dear Paul Knibbs, Currently indeed there is not documentation describing each s... Geert De Paep
Jul 31, 2006 Comment Largest tables by rownum? The table called "Largest tables by num_rows" is popu... Geert De Paep
Jul 31, 2006 Comment hi. i just want to find out how you calculate the Largest tables by num_rows ... Stan M
Jul 21, 2006 Suggestion Is there a document that explains what each element of the PLATO report is and w... Paul Knibbs
Jul 05, 2006 Comment Hi My version 47 expires on Sep 01, 2006. how can use plato after this date. ... rachid el hilali
Jul 03, 2006 Comment how to down load plato pls help me... karthik venu
Jun 02, 2006 Bug G'day Geert, I have version 47 of PLATO installed on 10g Release 2 and it is ... Ashok Sharma
May 31, 2006 Bug Hello, the last version of plato dosenot allow to be executed by other user t... rachid el hilali
May 30, 2006 Comment ... rachid el hilali
May 30, 2006 Comment thank for your answer. All my congratulations for your plato. I hope that ... rachid el hilali
May 30, 2006 Comment Thanks for your feedback. Regarding maintenance: - I use the tool very ofte... Geert De Paep
May 30, 2006 Bug Hi everybody, How can i execute plato with other user then sys. in fact our... rachid el hilali
May 29, 2006 Comment Hi Geert, great tool. Due to your reputation I trust you and used it for t... Andreas Fassl
Mar 21, 2006 Comment Hi Geert, An extremely useful tool. Thanks. As with all nice (and free) tools... Mazrul Ali
Mar 10, 2006 Suggestion Hello, Congratulations for your product ! I use it to have complete informati... Nicolas PORTE
Feb 23, 2006 Comment if explain details on every parts of the report.I think it's very welcome.(like ... Liu Tian
Feb 06, 2006 Comment I agree that some of you may not like installing this as user SYS, but this is h... Geert De Paep
Feb 06, 2006 Comment Without more details comments, readme, I could never justify loading a package l... Anonymous
Jan 20, 2006 Comment Version 47 is now available. An interesting new feature is the changelog I kept ... Geert De Paep
Jan 11, 2006 Suggestion Hi Geert, 1) An uninstall script would be nice. :-) (drop package plato; ... Alain Collin
Dec 30, 2005 Bug This is a excellent tool. As a free tool, why does is show (at the end of insta... Xavier Vilain
Dec 16, 2005 Bug exec plato.SystemState('HTM') , echo: ERROR: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric ... qin feng
Dec 11, 2005 Suggestion Geert, Would it be possible to include a small description with each new vers... Freek D'Hooge
Dec 01, 2005 Suggestion Geert, Excellent product – congratulations on such a well thought out and exe... Adam Hudspith
Nov 29, 2005 Comment Hi, Overall appreciation : very high The plato.audit gives info which I do... Guy Lambregts
Nov 20, 2005 Comment to Ravin: see Freek D'Hooge
Nov 19, 2005 Comment Hello, Geert I recently downloading this great tool and installed it on one of ... ravin maharaj
Nov 19, 2005 Comment Hello, Geert I recently downloading this great tool and installed it on one of ... ravin maharaj
Nov 15, 2005 Bug The following warning is reported on running the sql: SP2-0317: expected symb... Shivdeep Modi
Nov 14, 2005 Comment Replies to some of the remarks given so far: About the CPU usage, indeed, the... Geert De Paep
Nov 14, 2005 Comment Although PLATO was not new for me, great stuff Geert. It's indeed consuming a... Guy Gyles
Nov 14, 2005 Comment A good tool generally. But one thing is consuming (a lot of, > 20) CPU when pa... Ketut Garjita
Nov 14, 2005 Comment A good tool generally. But one thing is consuming (a lot of, > 20) CPU when pac... Anonymous
Nov 14, 2005 Comment What kind of package is this free tool to be wrapped ?? Has it something to hid... Levallois Pierre-Gilles
Nov 11, 2005 Comment As an Uptime employee, I have been using this package for some time now. I find ... Freek D'Hooge
Nov 10, 2005 Comment Finally, after all those years, it is ready to be launched publicly. But now alr... Geert De Paep