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Welcome to the DBA-Village banner section

Why would you advertise

DBA-Village is a community of Oracle Database Administrators, technical people who work with Oracle day in day out. There are not that many places on the internet where you will find such a large group of Oracle technical people together. By advertising on the site, you will reach a very select en well-defined public.

Also, DBA-Village is a site maintained by volunteers. In order to give these people something in return for the effort they are doing, we want to encourage you to advertise on the site. It will result in more functionality and better quality of the site.

I want to advertise

Concept of "slots"

Banners are displayed using "slots". A slot is a collection of one or more of your banners that you want to have displayed. You populate a slot with the banners of your choice. For a given slot you specify how many impressions you want. The different banners of your slot will be displayed in random order, until the total number of impressions of all banners together reaches the amout requested for the given slot.

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Follow up

When you reauest a slot, you will have the options to get a daily or weekly report about the display of your banners. This report will be sent to you via email at no cost and contains a.o.
  1. Banner print statistics since start
  2. Banner print statistics since previous report
  3. Top-25 hostnames of web clients (if resolvable)
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Prices for advertising on the website

Prices are based on the number of impressions, i.e. the number of times a banner is displayed on a webpage

Banners of size (pixels) 468 x 60 120 x 60
First 25.000 impressions $6 / CPM $3 / CPM
Next 25000 impressions $5 / CPM $2.5 / CPM
Further impressions $4 / CPM $2 / CPM

Banners of size (pixels) 468 x 60 120 x 60
0 .. 25.000 impressions $0 .. $150 $0 .. $75
30.000 .. 50.000 impressions $175 .. $275 $87.5 .. $137.5
55.000 .. 75.000 impressions $295 .. $375 $147.5 .. $187.5
>= 80.000 impressions >= $395 >= $197.5

Note: CPM = Cost per 1.000 impressions
Note: prices are exclusive VAT
Note: prices may also be converted and payed in EURO at the exchange rate of the payment day

Payments can be done by money transfer or by PayPal. Instructions follow when requesting a slot.

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  1. Banners should be 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high or 120 pixels wide by 60 pixels high
  2. Format should be GIF or JPG
  3. Size should be less than 30kb
  4. Animated gif is allowed
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Banners can always be refused by the webmaster. Considering the Oracle technical approach of this site, we prefer (allthough this is not mandatory) that your banners are related to Oracle, hardware or IT in general. If they are refused, you will be contacted before your banners are being displayed, and you will have the possibility to change them or to get a refund.

Once your banners are being displayed, they cannot be replaced by other banners. If however you really want this anyway, you will have to contact the webmaster directly (using the feedback option of the site) and we will see what we can do (no guarantee).

Banners of size 468x60 pixels will be displayed in the top right corner of the site. However this may change in the future. However the banner will always be in a clearly visible location on the page.
Banners of size 120x60 pixels will be displayed somewhere in the left column.

I want to advertise